Filling for bankruptcy can be a life changing and worrisome experience, which many feel uncomfortable undertaking. If the choice to declare bankruptcy seems daunting, do not worry. The best thing you could do for yourself in the decision to file is hire an attorney. There are knowledgeable attorneys in your area that can help you through the legal process.

The Foreclosure Attorney Offices are experienced bankruptcy attorneys serving Dallas County as well as Collin, Denton, Tarrant, Rockwall, Johnson, Wise, Ellis, Parker, Kaufman and surrounding counties. We are here to serve you, whether you are a Spanish speaking client or seeking legal advice on your debt, we are here to help. With over 103 combined years of legal experience, you can feel assured that you are gaining the best legal advice and representation in dealing with your decision to declare bankruptcy. Our firm prides ourselves in being friendly and knowledgeable to every person who walks through our doors.

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You are most likely declaring bankruptcy because of being in a dire financial situation. Money is not available to pay back your debtors so hiring an attorney may not seem like the best choice. However, by hiring an attorney you may save time and money and gain valuable legal guidance in your filing. Our attorneys are personable and experienced in bankruptcy laws. Hiring an attorney from our firm can help you avoid filing incorrectly which can cause various delays or lead to other legal complications.

Unbeknownst to most filers, some property is exempt from bankruptcy and failure to disclose it may cause you to lose it. An experienced attorney can help you navigate the bankruptcy laws and guide you through the process of legal proceedings and paperwork. If you are seeking legal counsel during your declaration of bankruptcy or are considering filing for bankruptcy, contact The Law Offices of Foreclosure prevention and alternatives. With our experience and friendly, knowledgeable team of attorneys, we can help you protect your assets and guide you toward a fresh start free of debt.

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One of the things that has drawn him to the profession of law revolved around the ability to provide a practical solution to situations which can be overwhelming for homeowners. Take a situation which is highly charged, the homeowner is exhausted from fighting the bank or simply fighting to keep their heads above water. Take a situation like this which seems like there is no alternative and bankruptcy offers a powerful ray of hope. Many homeowners who previously were not even aware that through a Ch. 13 bankruptcy a homeowner can keep their home, eliminate other unsecured debt, paving the way to allow more breathing room in the monthly budget, and all the while be put on a reasonable plan to catch up the mortgage. These are the moments which drew our team into the business of protecting homes.

Other options which exist for homeowners which our foreclosure attorney can offer include providing help with cash offers on your home, strategic default through chapter 7 bankruptcy and more. While many homeowners tend to gravitate toward options such as short sales, deeds-in-lieu of foreclosure, and modifications, the thing to understand is that of this group, the modifications seems to be the one that actually has a benefit to the homeowner. However, when the mortgage company rejects a modification, or makes it nearly impossible to obtain, the bank could end up moving forward with the foreclosure even all the while they are continuing to ask you for documents necessary to review a modification. These situations often involve two different departments at a mortgage company telling you two different things. One department is telling you that you are going full-speed ahead with the modification process, while another sends you out a foreclosure letter almost without warning.

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Foreclosures hurt families, their neighbors, whole communities and the overall housing market. Most individual borrowers have been victims of loan servicing errors, predatory lending and loan origination issues without even realizing. Banks are becoming increasingly aware of the necessity to keep the borrower in their home or risk significant losses even without these issues.

Our law firm consists of attorneys with over 15 years of combined litigation experience. Our law firm is available to assist you with you pre-foreclosure loan mitigation and workout options that may exist with your lender. Additionally, our office can raise your legal defenses and assert any and all available claims against the wrongdoers and responsible parties. In order to do so, please compile you mortgage documents and complete the Client Information Sheet and the Foreclosure Questionnaire if applicable to your situation.

All of your mortgage documents need to be included if you have them. The audit of your mortgage can only be thorough if you send us all of the paperwork you have from the loan process. If you do not possess the documents as listed, it may be that you did not receive them. DO NOT contact the Lender to obtain copies of the documents for our audit. IF you are missing, cannot locate or have lost documents from the loan process, you contact the Title Company, or office that handled your loan closing and request copies. Do not inform any third party of any intentions or usage of such documents.

Additionally, please complete the Loan Mitigation Retainer Agreement if you have not been served with any foreclosure pleadings and do not believe that such proceedings have been instituted. If you have been served with a foreclosure summons and complaint or are aware that such proceedings are pending, please complete the Foreclosure Retainer Agreement. Depending upon which retainer agreement is executed, please attach the appropriate payment authorization form with the agreement unless other arrangements have been approved by the law firm.

Thank you for contacting our office and our firm looks forward to assisting you. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our office.

If you are facing foreclosure, consider calling our law firm to learn about your options. Our compassionate attorney has assembled a team of foreclosure prevention professionals to offer you hope. Call today.