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Bankruptcy prevents or stops foreclosure

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Why Hire a Bankruptcy Attorney?

Learn the benefits of having an attorney on your side.

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Should I Fight Foreclosure?

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The ultimate strategy for homeowners is to fight foreclosures and stop the foreclosure process at its track! Our litigation-based group has been fighting for homeowners’ rights for years. Unlike most firms who claim to get your loan modification to save your home, which never solves your problem since more than 90% of all loan modification fail within the first four months and loan modifications will never stop the foreclosure process while your loan modification is still pending. Our legal department will take an aggressive and proactive approach and will perform a FORENSIC AUDIT of your loan documents to uncover any violations such as predatory lending and fraud.

We have a very powerful strategy to save your home from foreclosure. Our legal team will create a very comprehensive strategy to stop the foreclosure process. Our attorneys will file a lawsuit against your lender for predatory lending and or fraud to reach an acceptable settlement, which could result to a settlement that is more advantageous to you and often resulting in a major principal reduction and more affordable loan terms. If your goal is to keep your home and stop your bank from pushing you around, then now is the time to take action and contact us for a FREE No-Obligation Consultation.

Do not let the bank take your home. Your home is your American Dream and it’s worth fighting for. We are here to protect and fight for your rights! Put an end to your sleepless nights and give us a call and save your home before it’s too late.

19 Years of Foreclosure Prevention Experience

Considering filing for bankruptcy can be stressful. Large corporations, small businesses, families and individuals alike have all faced hard financial times. Most people have good intentions of paying back their debts, but sometimes the money just isn’t available to give to creditors. There are various alternatives to declaring yourself bankrupt such as money management and refinancing, but if these options are not available or have not worked for you, bankruptcy may be your best option.

Going about your legal proceedings alone can be risky and put you and your property in dire situations. Hiring an attorney whom you trust is crucial. At the Foreclosure Response, you will experience our 28+ years serving individuals and businesses alike in navigating the sometimes complex waters of bankruptcy law. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff is here to assist you in your finding a bankruptcy attorney, from gathering paperwork to representing you in any cases filed from creditors. We are proud to serve our Spanish speaking community as well, with fluent Spanish speaking staff members to assist in bankruptcy proceedings.

Hiring a foreclosure attorney will benefit you and your proceedings!

If you are facing declaring yourself bankrupt, the idea of spending any money on an attorney can seem outlandish. Do not be fooled into believing that you can do it on your own. Laws governing bankruptcy can be complex and confusing and the longer than you wait to speak with an attorney, the more drawn out your process may be. Attorneys can help you gather paperwork, file your petition for bankruptcy and offer you advice on which Chapter to file under. Hiring a paperwork preparer may be great to get your paperwork started, but that is about as far as they can go. Preparers can offer no legal advice and will be gone once the paperwork is done. Our bankruptcy attorneys will be there with you every step of the way. Why risk your health and well-being with more stress from collectors, legal systems and filing? Hiring an experienced attorney from Foreclosure Response will start you on the right track to regaining your financial freedoms.

You’re Not Alone: Contact the Texas Foreclosure Defense Law Firm

Many people believe that filing for bankruptcy is the end-all, be-all. This is not true! Sometimes the best option for you is filing a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 to start fresh and debt-free. You are not alone in facing these challenging times. In 2018 approximately 1,412,838 individuals filed for bankruptcy in the United States. This is assuming that about one out of every 212 people has filed for bankruptcy. You may even know someone who has. Bankruptcy filings are public record, but the only ones that need to know about it are you, your attorney and the judge.


People declare themselves unable to pay back their debt for a number of reasons. Keep in mind that Roofing Austin offers financing options if you need help affording roof replacement. Maybe there was a medical emergency and medical bills are too high to pay back. Maybe they are going through a divorce or separation? Perhaps the individual has accrued debt from past credit cards and their income is no longer allowing for enough disposable income to pay back their bills. Whatever the reason may be, you are not the first person to file and our firm has been available to help individuals in our community through the legal process of filing for years. If you are ready to contact an attorney and start moving towards a new beginning and relieving your debt problems, contact The Law Offices of Texas Foreclosure Defense for a free case evaluation today.

Foreclosure Response offers foreclosure defense & alternatives. We are also proud to serve the communities in Dallas, Lewisville, Arlington, Plano, McKinney, Irving, Garland, Denton, Fort Worth, and more.